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and you can decide. >>steve: president george w. bush recovering after having a stint put in his heart. what is next for the mountain bike riding former president of the united states? >> the clean-cut manning brothers trade in their helmets for some 1980's wigs. ♪ football on ♪ your phone ♪ that's what i said ♪ take it with you ♪ wherever you go ♪ show your friends ♪ and watch them go ho >> the music video taking the country by storm. "fox & friends" begins right now. on your phone. ♪ ♪ >>steve: i don't know what the manning are selling there, but i'm buying it. that's hilarious. >>gretchen: i think their dad's in it too. by the end of the show the two of you guys have to have that kind of hair. planted on your head. i'll have one of those women's hair. i always wanted long hair like that. >>steve: there you go. it could be transformative today. clayton thank you for sitting in brian's chair. >>clayton: great to see you guys. >>steve: you'll be here for three hours? >>clayton: i'll be here for two. >>gretchen: you do a four-hour tour on the weekends. we have a lot of
of george bush for doing what we did in iraq. now, that's inconsistentents now. it's really baffling to see the people on the left just rallying behind president obama, yeah, go ahead. fire the missiles! we're with you. but the people who were so antiwar and anti-conflict in the past, now they're ready to go without even knowing where we're going. >> gretchen: so many unanswered questions still today. but one of the big questions this morning is what kind of chemical weapons does syria actually have? what evidence does the united states have? heather nauert is here to break it down. >> we are learning interesting information this morning. the syrian deputy foreign minister telling reporters that sarin gas was used in several parts of the country, but he claims the rebels were the ones responsible for that attack. this assertion is not banged by the us -- backed by the united states which believes the syrian government unleashed the attack and is the party responsible. but what is interesting about this statement, gretchen, is that it is the first time we're hearing from a syrian government
but was involved in the summer in july when george bush was president, when the fisa amendment was passed to enhance the collection ability of the nsa and the senate approved it 97-0. so he said, i have not been involved in it since, but what they're doing is collecting, not looking. so i get all this e-mail, doesn't mean they're looking at it. they have it. if i go adam gadan, i can go and look it up and see who he's been talking to and maybe connect the dots. but they have no interest in mr. and mrs. sally johnson in iowa and arkansas. >> but it does look like they're spying on with us the metadata. they have phone calls and the internet stuff. brian, your source who you in the beginning during the bush year, it started off as one thing. and james sensenbrenner he says this thing has morphed into something not legal so they have to change the law. >> if you want to go through my e-mails, fine, i'm not doing anything wrong, but we don't trust -- we don't trust you with the information now. because they're saying they're not doing anything wrong. the courts are saying they are. the courts
george bush on deck. >> brian: i just told him he looked good. he said he must have looked like hell before. he looks good now. guys, back to you. >> anna: 11 minutes after the hour. we have headlines. a developing story overnight. terrifying moments during the broncos game. crowds watched as a man fell from the escalator. he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. good news, he was conscious. no word if alcohol was a factor. >>> also breaking late last night, police in north carolina issuing an amber alert for a little girl you're about to see after she was snatched from a car in a grocery store park lot. the one-year-old girl was inside a car at 9:00 o'clock last night at the food lion in high point, north carolina. moments ago, her grandmother made an emotional plea for her safe return. >> whoever took the vehicle, i'm not sure whether or not you are aware that the baby was in the car or not. once you figured it out, i just want her to be taken to a safe place. >> anna: the vehicle described as a 2003 white chevy suburban with north carolina license plates, bjx 1565. any
, there have been rodeo clowns who have had hillary clinton masks and george bush masks. it is about free speech, of course. and i think what's going on here is that you've got these missouri so-called progressives who are looking to exploit this on behalf of claire mccaskill, who needs all the help she can get. >> brian: let's see what the representative of the white house said. i haven't heard about the president's reaction on this one, but that's the follow-up to he said it's not his finest moment because he's from missouri. >> gretchen: what do you make of the fact that -- i think there was a member of congress in texas who invited the rodeo clown to come over to texas. >> brian: how do we know it's the right one? could be anybody. >> i think what's happening here is that the clowns in the white house don't appreciate the competition. there is another more serious point here, too, and i posted ten pictures on my web site, images of george george during his administration that are far, far worse than any of the gentle ridicule and mockery that this president has received. kill bush, a
if fox published one about mitt romney or george w. bush. >>gretchen: there would be a lot of talk about it. cnn released a statement last night saying their cnn tphr*eupls -- films division, nbc announced a mini series that would be about hillary expected to be released before the 2016 presidential election. i guess the fine line here if you're cnn or nbc is that she hasn't officially announced she's running for president. if that happens, is it fair and balanced? >> which hillary is going to be in the movie? the lauded secretary of state or the shunted first lady? >>steve: right. one of the films starts in 1998 and that means it leaves out a bunch of the scandals from the clinton era. we've got a list of some of the stuff she's been involved in over the past. what's interesting is it was made very clear it's not only something that would be detrimental to the republicans running for president but also the other democrats as well. >> the fact of the matter is you've got two networks that are potentially spending millions of dollars promoting a person that they know is at least doing the
are in place for about 1,500 people in that area. >>> president george w. bush back to his normal routine at home after undergoing a heart procedure. doctors placed a stent in his heart on tuesday to open up a blocked artery. former first lady laura bush says her husband, the president, is doing great. congratulations. peter, over to you. >>peter: if you've ever gotten a speeding ticket, you want to listen to this. 28-year-old kerry williams was pulled over for speeding in new hampshire. she told the state trooper she was rushing to her dying father's side in the hospital. only problem was she was apparently lying. so when the trooper found out, he arrested her. so how did he find out and why was he so kind to begin with? the great trooper christopher cummings joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me on. >> you were pulling over this young lady and she was going, what? 82 in a 65 zone? is that what was happening? >> yes, that is correct. >>peter: tell us what happened. you pulled her over and what did she say? >> just as a matter of habit, i ask everybody for a
to end the cowboy foreign policy of george w. bush, who did go to the u.n. and did go to congress before going to war in iraq. >> gretchen: so congress is on recess until september 9. is that any excuse to not inform them about doing an act of war? if you look at sort of the definition of what the president needs to do, there is some wiggle room in that. but none the less, the president told the "boston globe" in 2007 this quote: the president does not have power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. the american people sitting around their coffee tables this morning and going to work, they're probably wondering, is syria an imminent threat to the united states of america? you can argue that both ways. you can argue it both ways with regard to america's position as a military force in the world, and for standing up for human rights. when people are killed by their own leader with sarin gas and other chemical weapons. >> steve: where do you draw the line? >> gretchen: yo
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)